— 1914 —

Secondo and Giovanni, aged respectively 18 and 14,
purchased an old Tortona inn, Il Cappel Verde,
where they started selling  wine by the glass

— 1920 —

in 1920 they bought the other inn in via San Marziano
and started to sell wine in Milan and Genoa

— 1935 —

bottling began

— 1948 —

a proper wine cellar was built in the centre

— 1957 —

Dad set up the second cellar in Viguzzolo
with a vinification capacity of 10,000 hectoliters

— 1962 —

the construction of the Tortona winemaking plants begins,
with a production capacity of 30,000 hectoliters

— 1974 —

Pioneers of sparkling white wine start up the production of sparkling Cortese:
they were one of the first wineries to believe in a sparkling Doc
with natural fermentation, under the guidance of Giuliano Noè, oenologist


— 1977 —

Technological pioneers,
they invested in the first presses for white wines in order to be able to control
and regulate the temperature better during the fermentation process

— 1978 —

It was one of the first companies in Italy to believe in
and produce Novello wine

— 1979 —

Pioneers in the vinification method
with the purchase and utilisation of the first barriques

— 1999 —

Organic pioneers, they began producing organic wine.
 In the same year Carlo Volpi took over the sole running of the compan.

— 2000 —

Cantine Volpi was recognised as an ORGANIC company

— 2002 —

They obtained important Quality Certification of the production cycle,
including the English BRC certification and ISO 9001

— 2003 —

Acquisition of the farmholding “Zerba” in Volpedo
with the recovery of auctonic vines

— 2005 —

The first Timorasso vineyard was planted in "La Zerba"

— 2015 —

Organic certification was granted to "La Zerba"

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